About us

We are a technology start up with a fantastic and bright team of professionals with a culture of continuous learning. We love great challenges that push further our ability to innovate and create.
We deliver projects all over the world from our Portuguese Office in Braga where our operational team is based. Braga is often called the Portuguese Silicon Valey with a top university that provides world-class IT engineering and computer science training.

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Our culture and values

Wondering why “Yarilabs”?

"Yari" means a traditionally made Japanese blade in the form of a spear that was an important weapon for the Samurai.

We are greatly inspired by the Samurai culture and our values reflect their code of honour called Bushido ("the way of warriors"). In the modern-day business world, in most cases, these eight virtues are non-existent. They even sound a bit awkward, lost artefacts of a remote past.

At Yarilabs, we bring these values into our daily activities and projects.

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Yarilabs Tech Talks

Crypto Braga, Lambda PT, Coaching and training.

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