Consulting & Development

Sometimes you already have an existing product and an established team but you need to increase your capacity or you need support in one of the areas we specialize.

Some of the consulting projects we’re currently working on are long term relationships. Our team integrates directly with your team either remotely or on site, working together side by side to make sure your projects move forward.

Our core development skills are:

  • Rapid prototype design and development
  • Backend development
  • Web and Mobile development
  • Product Design
  • Setup your continuos integration (CI)
  • Cloud deployments at scale
  • Devops

Of the above we can provide you with Full-stack development or integrate just a single part of your development process:

Just Design and UX

You have developers, but you need a design team with experience in UX/UI to help design your product. In this case we will be your design and UX team.

Just Development

You have the designs for your product, and you just need a team to implement it. In this case we are your development team


Sometimes your development team just needs an extra pair of hands. We have fullstack developers ready help or integrate your team.

Integration of Designers and Developers

We can help you with a team of designers and developers joining your team.

Give us a call and we will help you with one of the consulting solutions that best fit your needs.

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