Product Development

We convert your ideas into scalable products, working with you from day one to build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

To build your MVP we iterate throught the following steps:

Product Design Session

We will collect your initial specs and the user stories that define actions your users will do with your Product. This is where we explore the concept and make sure we are completly in sync whith what is desired.

Detailed Wireframing & Visual Prototype

We use prototyping tools to quickly animate the wireframes into a functional prototype. You can then iterate with comments, testing the ideas, approve or request changes. When we reach the final prototype our designers team will work on the final look and feel and deliver the mockups, where you’ll be able to iterate again untill this step is closed.

Development Process

With a very good idea of what your MVP will look and work like, our developers will start developing.

User Testing

If you want or need to see the your product working with real users before going live, we can also do user experience and usability testing.

Give us a call and we will help you develop your MVP!

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