Why Yarilabs

Our Journey
January 23, 2023
Emanuel Mota

We get this question a lot of times: — “why is your company called Yarilabs?” and we thought it would make an interesting short read for friends and clients and a good first post on our blog for the big public, so please keep reading!

The Yari is a traditionally made Japanese blade in the form of a spear and it was an important weapon for the Samurai. On the right hands, it was one of the deadliest.

As a modern day software development tech company developing with cutting edge (sometimes bleeding edge) technology we’ve decided to call the company Yari Labs (the samurai spear labs) as we’re greatly inspired by the Samurai, especially their code of honour called Bushido (the way of warriors).

The bushidō code is typified by the following eight virtues:

In modern-day business world, in most cases these eight virtues are non-existent, they even sound a bit awkward, lost artefacts of a remote past…

But who wouldn’t do business with someone that would honour their word? That would give their best efforts to complete a mission? That would respect the client? That would be completely honest to give clients the best deal? With loyalty.

At Yarilabs we’re doing an experiment: creating a team of modern-day Samurais. A team that equally inspires clients as it is capable of inspiring one another.

We have now 5 amazing years worth of projects and maintain ongoing consulting and software development projects with exciting and satisfied clients like , Pact Coffee, Pasta Evangelists, Public Mint, Big, Raw wines and a top secret client.

The secret of success so far? Our people! Modern-day Samurai wielding arch linux laptops with sophisticated programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java, Elixir, Haskell, Dart, Solidity and yes Javascript too.

Thanks for reading the story behind the name and don’t forget to follow our publication to know more about the company culture or to read future articles related to management, product design, general software development and blockchain technology not exactly by this order and not exclusively.